Common Carder Bumblebee

This bumblebee looks almost completely pale ginger, and it’s front end (thorax) has the same uniform colour, but its tail end (abdomen) has a number of dark hairs which usually gives the appearance of black or brown stripes along it (although the extent of these is variable). The queens, workers and males all have the same colour patterning.

Scientific name

Bombus pascuorum

Did you know..

Of the 25 bumblebee species found in Britain, five are carder bees. Carder bees get their name from their habit of combing material (carding) such as moss together, to provide a protective layer over the cells containing their larvae.

Similar species

The only other bumblebee found on campus that has a ginger thorax is the Tree Bumblebee, which has a white bottom. If you are on the University of Manchester campus and the bumblebee has a ginger front end and no white bottom it is a common carder bumblebee.

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