Common Frog

Common frogs are between 6-9cm in length and have smooth, moist skin which can be very varied in colour, from reddy-brown through to yellow, grey and olivey-green. They can be distinguished from other British amphibians by a large dark patch behind their eye, stripy hind legs and, if disturbed, will usually try to escape taking large jumps. They usually inhabit moist habitats.

Scientific name

Rana temporaria

Did you know..

The Common frog lives out of water almost all of the year but returns to water in the spring to breed. Male frogs will usually try to return to the pond that they metamorphosed from as tadpoles.

Similar species

The only species likely to be confused with the Common frog on University of Manchester campus is the Common toad. The toad has much bumpier skin (giving it a warty appearance), which is also drier in appearance and touch. Toads are also much more likely to crawl than jump.

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