Peacock Butterfly

One of Britain’s most striking and beautiful butterflies, the Peacock can be identified by its red background and striking pattern of bright blue, black and yellow eyespots on all four wings (which on the bottom wings resemble the pattern on a peacock feather). In flight, the Peacock looks very dark in colour, because of its near black underwings. It is one of Britain’s larger butterflies, with a wingspan of approximately 65mm.

Scientific name

Aglais io

Did you know..

The eyespots on the wings of the Peacock butterfly are used to deter or confuse predators and if it is threatened, the butterfly will often open and close its wings to maximise their effect.

Similar species

There are no British species the Peacock can be confused with if the upperwings are viewed. In flight, the dark colour can be confused with a Red admiral (Vanessa atalanta).

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