Tree Bumblebee

This bumblebee has a ginger front end (thorax), a black tail end (abdomen) and a white bottom. The queens, workers and males all have the same colour patterning.

Scientific name

Bombus hypnorum

Did you know..

This species had not been seen in Britain until 2001, but it has now spread right through England and parts of Wales up to the Scottish border. This colonisation is thought to be natural (and not because of an accidental introduction). It is probably the only bumblebee in Britain that is increasing in both number (abundance) and area (distribution).

Similar species

There are no other British bumblebee species that have the pattern chestnut, black, white. Note, as the bees get older, the central area of the ginger thorax can go bald, which can make it look darker, but the front end it is still distinctly ginger in colour.

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